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paris chic decor

  • The capital of France, on the Seine River; pop. 2,175,000. Paris was held by the Romans, who called it Lutetia, and by the Franks, and was established as the capital in 987 under Hugh Capet. It was organized into three parts—the Ile de la Cite (an island in the Seine), the Right Bank, and the Left Bank—during the reign of Philippe-Auguste 1180–1223. The city's neoclassical architecture dates from the modernization of the Napoleonic era, which continued under Napoleon III, when the bridges and boulevards of the modern city were built

  • A commercial city in northeastern Texas; pop. 24,699

  • (Greek mythology) the prince of Troy who abducted Helen from her husband Menelaus and provoked the Trojan War

  • sometimes placed in subfamily Trilliaceae

  • the capital and largest city of France; and international center of culture and commerce

  • interior decoration: decoration consisting of the layout and furnishings of a livable interior

  • Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.

  • The furnishing and decoration of a room

  • The decoration and scenery of a stage

  • The style of decoration of a room, building

  • Elegantly and stylishly fashionable

  • elegant and stylish; "chic elegance"; "a smart new dress"; "a suit of voguish cut"

  • elegance by virtue of being fashionable

  • Chic is the debut album by American R&B band Chic, released on Atlantic Records in 1977. It includes the hit singles "Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)" - originally released on label Buddha Records - (US Hot 100 #6, R&B #6, US Club Play #1, UK #6) and "Everybody Dance" (US Hot 100 #

Mostly Chic RENOIR Cookie Biscuit Storage Tin Round 'TWO SISTERS'

Mostly Chic RENOIR Cookie Biscuit Storage Tin Round 'TWO SISTERS'

This pretty vintage storage tin with Renoir's 1881 painting 'Two Sisters' (aka 'On the Terrace') on the lid is in very good condition. A sweet accent or storage container for a cottage, shabby chic or Victorian decor.

About the painting ...
In April, 1881, Renoir painted this portrait of two sisters surrounded by colorful flowers on the upper terrace of the Restaurant Fournaise in Chatou, which he considered “the most pleasant of all Paris suburbs”. This setting is the same terrace at the Maison Fournaise where he painted his masterpiece 'The Luncheon of the Boating Party' in 1880. (Here's an interesting side note: Even though the painting is entitled 'Two Sisters', the girls were un-related models.)

The details ...
The outside of the tin is black encircled with a gold design. The red in the Renoir painting really pops against the black and gold. The colors are a little more vibrant than these photos. No maker's marks.

Paris - Galerie Vivienne

Paris - Galerie Vivienne

Passage Vivienne
Conceived by town planners in the nineteenth century to protect pedestrians from mud and horse-drawn vehicles, the passages, or shopping arcades, are now enjoying a new lease of life as havens from traffic. By around 1840 there were over one hundred of them, but a number were later destroyed to make way for Haussmann's boulevards and only twenty remain. For decades they were left to crumble and decay, but many have recently been renovated and restored to something approaching their former glory and are being colonized by chic boutiques. Their entrances are easy to miss and where you emerge at the other end can be quite a surprise.

The flamboyant decor of Grecian and marine motifs in the larger Galerie Vivienne establishes the perfect ambience in which to buy gifts, or you can browse in the antiquarian bookshop, Librairie Jousseaume, which dates back to the passage's earliest days.

paris chic decor

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